Half a year later

Hi there!

It has been almost half a year since we first uploaded the game that we created during the global game jam, back in January.
Since the release we received a lot of positive feedback from the lot of you guys and enjoyed quite some videos.
In the mean time we have been experimenting with several features. We ditched the bad ones and kept the nice ones.
Although, when we will be able to complete the update; we are not sure yet.

I write this post to get an indication of the amount of people who would like to see more of this game. As well as to get some feel for what you people would like to see added or removed from the game.
What level did you get to? If you were the developer, what would you change?

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I just finished level 7.
I'd like a local ranking list for fastest time and speed per level, also I'd like the Idea of some Items and a Charge-up for Turbo Boost and Weapons and boosting arrows on the ground in some levels. Also I think the trails should be in a different color than the obstacles. It would also be interesting to provide a cockpit view, otherwise also sometimes the thruster-exhaust hides some important part of the obstacles.
And of course multiplayer modes (over network) would be awesome or at least ai enemies.

Hi Sur3,

thanks for your post! We will definitely take your suggestions under consideration when we have some time on our hands to work on this game.
We have already ran some tests in the past with boosting arrows on the tubes surface, we were not yet convinced it would improve the game.

I am glad you enjoy the game! And let's see if you can beat the game, good luck!