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Fantastic little game you've got here. The visual style and true feeling of suspense are easily the best parts. While the game is short it doesn't overstay its welcome and the difficulty pairs almost perfectly with the length, since there are no checkpoints. The only things I found at fault were the camera angle to some of the walls making the doors hard to find, and the fact that the camera doesn't lead you. It made moving south on the map really difficult. Looking forward to more from your respective teams!


Thanks for your review! We fixed the camera to lead now. Also we noticed you were a bit confused about the keycards, so now there will be onscreen messages to clarify what you picked up or why you can't open a door.


Oh. They looked like floppy disks to me. Made it through the whole game without realizing they were related. Haha!


I'm pretty sure I didn't get to escape but it's been fun sneaking around. :)

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Thanks for the playthrough video!